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Alex Rodriguez Claims Kobe Bryant Almost Retired From The NBA Last Season

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Alex Rodriguez Claims Kobe Bryant Almost Retired From The NBA Last Season

Thank God for those doctors over in Germany! According to New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, the pain in Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant’s knee and ankle was so painful last season that the toughest S.O.B. in the NBA considered hanging up his Nikes.

After undergoing the innovative procedure, called platelet-rich plasma therapy, Kobe’s painful joints improved so much that he pressed A-Rod about undergoing the same treatment due to the great results:

LATimes: Bryant “was really adamant about how great the procedure was for him,” Rodriguez told reporters. “I know that he was hurting before, almost even thinking about retirement, that’s how much pain he was under. And then he said after he went to Germany he felt like a 27-year-old again. I was still a little apprehensive about it and he kept staying on me about it.”

Kobe retiring at age 33 before winning another ring, before moving past Shaq on the all-time scoring list, and possibly Wilt, MJ, Malone, and Kareem as well, would have been downright tragic.

Not to mention, I couldn’t imagine the league, let alone my Lakers, this season without the Black Mamba.