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Attention Whores: New York Jets Want HBO’s Hard Knocks Cameras In The Locker Room

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Attention Whores: New York Jets Want HBO’s Hard Knocks Cameras In The Locker Room

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson says he’d consider allowing HBO’s Hard Knocks cameras to film the team’s training camp this year but what he likely meant is that he wishes like hell they’d ask the Jets for an invitation.

The team’s move to bring in the most controversial back-up quarterback in Tim Tebow has caused more than a stir in New York and everywhere else and has reportedly led to HBO execs tossing around the idea of filming the Jets’ training camp for the second time in three years complete with a few new characters and new drama to go with them:

Star-Ledger: “I have heard that, but we have yet to receive a formal invitation,” Johnson said. “When we do, we will take a look at it.”

But there have been informal talks?

“Yeah, but really, we can’t react to anything but … a real invitation,” he said.

“It’s something we would take a look at with Mike (Tannenbaum), and the coach, and (director of media relations) Bruce (Speight), and I and others that we think would add value to that discussion, to see whether it is something we want to do,” he said.

There’s no doubt in my mind the show would get serious ratings, but with those ratings will come even more pressure than head coach Rex Ryan regularly puts on his team.

Plus, we’ve had enough of Tebow… do we really need to see him on HBO every week?? I’m pretty sure Mark Sanchez doesn’t.


He’ll be seeing enough of him on SportScenter while everyone wonders how long it will take for Tebow to take Sanchez’s job.