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Carmelo Doesn’t Want The “Coach Killer” Tag Slapped On Him

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Carmelo Doesn’t Want The “Coach Killer” Tag Slapped On Him

Carmelo Anthony doesn’t want everyone thinking he’s the reason Mike D’Antoni quit as Knicks head coach, but he is and he knows it.

Sounds confusing, but hear him out:

“I think it’s false,” Anthony told Al Iannazzone of Newsday in Long Island, N.Y. “Me and Mike talked constantly about trying to find out different ways in what I can do and what we can do as a team. It wasn’t working. We lost games, and when you lose games, people say it’s not working, and of course the blame is on me. As far as the system working for me or not working for me, it worked in the Olympics when we won the gold medal. I’ll take that.

“If I’m the one that messed coach Mike’s system up, if you all want to blame me, I’ll take it, along with everything else.”

Glad he’s willing to take it even if it isn’t true because that blame has got to go somewhere. He’s the guy on the billboards so he’s going to get the attention.