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Carmelo Might Stay In Denver After All

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Carmelo Might Stay In Denver After All

Anytime you hear Carmelo Anthony’s name mentioned, it’s usually followed by a question of where he’ll be playing next season. Here’s an answer you don’t hear much, if at all; for the Denver Nuggets. Carmelo still hasn’t signed the extension Denver offered him but he’s also still a member of the Nuggets and trade rumors are starting to die down a little bit.

The Nuggets recenlty got rid of an adviser of theirs, Bret Bearup, and Carmelo likes the move.

“That’s a step. I think that was a big step, not just for Josh (Kroenke) and Masai (Ujiri) but for the whole organization – for the whole league to know what they’re doing here, to make progress. Positive (step). They made some changes obviously for the better of the organization. That’s their decision.” -Carmelo Anthony

Sounds like it may be a step in keeping Carmelo in a Nuggets uniform. Front office moves aren’t going to keep him from leaving, talent will. The Nuggets need to make a trade or two to keep him around. Carmelo won’t sign the extension because he wants a better oppurtunity to compete for Championships. Everyone assumed he wanted to be traded but maybe he wanted to send his team a message.

If Denver can somehow make some moves to get some better talent around Carmelo, this problem they have on their hands will go away. He recently asked Kobe Bryant for some advice because he was in the same situation 3 years ago. I don’t know how helpful Kobe can be to his situation because Kobe ended up staying in LA because LA made a trade to bring Pau Gasol to the Lakers.

In order for Denver to keep Carmelo Anthony, they need to find their Pau Gasol, so to speak.