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Cam Newton Got His “Swag” From Deion Sanders & Muhammad Ali

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Cam Newton Got His “Swag” From Deion Sanders & Muhammad Ali

It’s a little easier to identify with the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Cam Newton, after he revealed the athletes he looked up to growing.

Where else could Newton have developed his brash attitude then from watching two of the best players/entertainers of all-time in sports:

“You have to keep that swagger. For me to have that unique swagger, I think that’s what makes me different from another athlete. I’m always going to have confidence in myself. Often times, I see people trying to critique the kind of person I am – they always get mistaken about my confidence as far as cockiness. I looked up growing up at guys like Muhammad Ali, Deion Sanders, those guys. They weren’t arrogant – they were just confident in their ability. Confidence comes from being very prepared for the given moment.” -Source

Saying those two had confidence is an understatement. If they knew they were better than you, they’d tell you to your face (which ended up being a lot of people).

Who knows how “confident” Newton will get, what we do know is that the more plays he makes, the more he’s going to tell you about it.