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Did You Ever Think You’d See The Day When Kobe Bryant PASSED Too Much?

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Did You Ever Think You’d See The Day When Kobe Bryant PASSED Too Much?

As that famous Geico ad has shown us, pigs do fly. Now I’m not sure if they sell snow shovels in Hell, but Kobe Bryant just played a game in which he passed the ball too much.

The perceived ball hog has come full circle and then some. The player who most of us see as a guy whose never seen a shot he didn’t like, didn’t like any of the looks he got against the Phoenix Suns just  days before All-Star weekend. Not even the wide-open looks.

Kobe Bryant, Emeka OkaforWTF?

Thank the Lord the Los Angeles Lakers won because if they didn’t, Kobe would have been the target of criticism for reasons completely opposite than what we know him for. 

His stat line was very unusual. He had 9 assists but that is as good as it gets. He was 1-8 with as many turnovers as shots.

This season if offering up plenty of whacky storylines as far as the Lakers go. Don’t be surprised if you see Kobe playing the ‘stretch four’ grabbing rebounds like Charles Barkley.

As disappointing as this season has been for them, at least they’ve been entertaining (if you ignore all the losses of course).