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Dwayne Wade Wants NBA Championship For LeBron James More Than Himself

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Dwayne Wade Wants NBA Championship For LeBron James More Than Himself

Dwayne Wade doesn’t have to put up with the scrutiny that LeBron James has to because he’s got his NBA title but D-Wade has seen first hand what all the negative attention has done to LeBron  so he wants a championship for his friend more than himself.

These two were friends before they teamed up so that allows them to deal with each other on a much more personal level than with regular teammates.

According to Palm Beach Post:

“Before we could play together, you got to sit down and you got to talk to a guy,” Wade said. “And when we sat down and talked, we made sure that we would always be 100 percent with each other. I’m a guy that you can get on my case, and I’m going to take it for what it is, and I’m going to move on. So we’ve had those conversations. So when we have moments, it’s just a moment.”

“Friendship,” Wade said. “Respect. As players, but also off the court. So we can have moments where we can say things to each other than we might not say to other guys, and neither guy takes it a certain way.”

“To see him every day, and the things he does, this guy is an unbelievable talent, unbelievable ability,” Wade said. “Obviously, I know him personally. I know what he wants, I know what’s in his heart. So, yeah, I want it for him. I think I probably want it for him more than I want it for myself.”

If I’m running for President, I want D-Wade on my campaign but what ever happened to Chris Bosh? I’m sure Bosh could use spokesperson more than LeBron.