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Dwyane Wade Apologizes For Breaking Kobe’s Nose

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Dwyane Wade Apologizes For Breaking Kobe’s Nose

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has been attacked all week by the media for his hard foul on Lakers star Kobe Bryant during this past Sunday’s NBA All-Star game.

Check out the so called dirty play below:

 Wade recently sent out his apologizes to the Lakers star for accidentally taking a shot at his brittle bones. Here is what Wade had to say about the situation:

”I don’t care what I’m portrayed as,” Wade said after Miami’s first practice following the league’s All-Star break. ”It’s unfortunate, obviously.

I don’t want to ever hurt anybody in this game, especially on a freak play like that. It’s unfortunate. I send my apologies. But it’s not intentional. If it’s something I did intentionally, it’d be a different story.” Source

This is clearly nonsense for the media to even put Wade and “dirty play” in the same sentence. There is no record of Wade taking any cheap shots in his NBA career.  That was just a hard incidental foul from one competitive ball player to another.

The Heat will be traveling to L.A. to take on the Lakers this Sunday (March 4th), so look for retaliations to be handed out on the court.

 Can’t wait! ( Bart Scott voice).