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Dwyane Wade Shows Why He’s A Champ & LeBron James Proves He’s Still A Chump Under Pressure

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Dwyane Wade Shows Why He’s A Champ & LeBron James Proves He’s Still A Chump Under Pressure

Dwyane Wade needs to beat it into LeBron James‘ head that no matter what he says, he’ll be hated, criticized, mocked, scolded, and ragged on.

Wade doesn’t have to worry about as much negativity but the little he does deal with doesn’t affect his actions much anyway. James is the one still worried about what people think of him and he doesn’t realize that there’s only one way to get those people off his back.

They were asked the same question about what the lack of a championship parade after this season would mean to them and their answers display the difference between the two.

Here’s James’ long-winded answer and explanation when asked if their season would be a failure if they don’t win it all:

PBT: “The season won’t be a failure,” James said. “You put too much work into a season to automatically call it a failure, but it would be a disappointment. This is our goal. This is what we’ve come together for. A failure is a strong word. We commit ourselves and we dedicate our season, we work hard every day and to automatically say it’s a failure, I think that’s a big word. But I think it’d be a disappointment, because that’s what you work hard for every day.”

Now, here’s Wade’s short and simple answer:

“I say yes,” (Wade) said. “There’s only one champion. It’s a failure for every other team. If you don’t win a championship, you had a failed year.”

See the difference?

Don’t get me wrong, LeBron James will likely be holding another press conference accepting yet another MVP award after putting up some nice numbers during the regular season for the Miami Heat, but Wade’s obviously the one with a championship and an NBA Finals MVP award to his name.

The funny thing is, if and when they lose (whatever round that is), it’ll be James who gets slapped with that failure tag, or as he would call it, the disappointment tag.

It’s like he doesn’t want it bad enough as his 4th quarter performances in the NBA Finals clearly displayed and unless he adjusts his mindset, the jokes will just keep on coming.

I hope he’s ready to be donned the most disappointing man in the NBA.

I think it’s safe to say all eyes will be on LeBron come 4th quarter time.