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Is Bob Arum Holding Up The Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather Fight??

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Is Bob Arum Holding Up The Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather Fight??

After Manny Pacquiao’s unimpressive win over Juan Manuel Marquez, the question pops up once again…


Some people think the fight on Saturday night (11/12) was fixed so that Pacquiao’s potential fight with Floyd Mayweather wasn’t put in jeopardy. Some people think Manny won.

Here’s what “Money” Mayweather thinks:

“I didn’t watch the fight, but from what I’m hearing, Marquez got cheated. Win, lose or draw, whoever I fight still has to be tested with random blood and urine tests … I mean, the fight could’ve happened the way it happened because, you know, someone is slowly changing so they can prepare to fight me. They know they’re going to have to take the random blood and the random urine tests.

I personally think it’s Bob Arum having a vendetta. I think he’s very very upset with me because, you know, I exposed and I opened the world’s eyes up to different things. I never officially came out and said that I believe Manny Pacquiao is on steroids or that I believe he’s on enhancement drugs; I never came out and said that he actually is.

I only stated my opinion on what I believe in … I just had an opinion. I didn’t say, ‘I know you doing this’ or ‘I know you doing that.’ I said some jokes in the past, had fun, doing it smiling, and we talked about it, but if I was or wasn’t joking, it’s just my opinion. I’m entitled to my own opinion. -Source

Sounds about right. The difference between Manny and Floyd and the reason we’re still waiting on this fight is that Floyd is his own boss. He chooses his fights, not some promoter.

Maybe Arum and Pacquiao have something to hide. Maybe they want Manny to get some more wins under his belt before he becomes another victim. Maybe they’ll never fight but use this buzz as long as it lingers.

All I know is that Manny better ride this wave of his to the fullest because if he’s still struggling with Marquez and his counter-punching style, then there’s no way he can deal with Money Mayweather’s defensive skills with a much more accurate counter-punching style.