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Gilbert Arenas Goes H.A.M. On His Date Via Twitter

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Gilbert Arenas Goes H.A.M. On His Date Via Twitter

Thank goodness for Twitter! Last night, Gilbert Arenas of the Orlando Magic decided to give us a look into his night as he went on a blind date with some unsuspecting lady.

While she was on presumably her dream date with an NBA star (or at least he used to be), he was on Twitter bashing her like he was playing hungry, hungry hippos.

Gilbert was recently fined for something he tweeted, so don’t be surprised if he’s fined after this episode from last night over the span of two hours.

Read the tweets:

This might be another situation when “keeping it real goes wrong.”

John Doe from Deleware can get away with tweets like these, but a professional athlete is just going overboard by sharing this type of information. Arenas has 20,000+ followers, but millions will know what he tweeted last night by the end of today.

On the bright side, it was slightly entertaining, but I truly hope Gilbert is willing to pay the price to entertain his followers because it’s surely gonna cost him!