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Green Bay Packers Player Ups & Leaves His Fiance Stinking For the 2nd Time

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Green Bay Packers Player Ups & Leaves His Fiance Stinking For the 2nd Time

Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields is far from the type of nice guy who breaks up with women respectfully, but who’s judging?

Recently, he left his fiance hanging in one of the worst ways possible when he showed up with a truck to move everything out of his their apartment and it wasn’t the first time the couple had gone through such an episode according to RadarOnline:

Sources close to the couple told Radar that Shields initially split from Lopez last year and did so in the cruelest of ways.

“He woke her up in the middle of the night, threw $300 at her and totally out of the blue ordered her to get out immediately,” the insider said. “He just told her he didn’t like her anymore.

“He told her that he had met someone else and she had to get out, right then and there. She gathered what she could and left and then lived out of her car for months and stayed on friends’ couches whenever she could.”

That’s what happened last year. In January, he apparently had a change of heart and told her she could live with him until July when his lease was up.

Turns out that he didn’t keep his word as he pulled a disappearing act on her right in front of her face last week:

“Today he just showed up at the apartment with a moving truck — just out the blue — and moved all of the furniture and everything out of the home,” the source revealed.

“He hardly even said a word to her. He just ignored her and helped the movers get everything out. When she asked him what she was supposed to do or where she was meant to go he was just cold and said, ‘I don’t know.’

“Melissa doesn’t have any family there. She just knows the other football wives and girlfriends so it’s complicated. He had totally given her the impression that they were going to get back together.”

You’ve got to believe there’s at least a little more to this story but Shields isn’t interested in elborating. He made no comment about the whole situation when contacted by RadarOnline.

I hate to be insensitive, but she better go out and get herself a job.

This is the same cheesehead who did this. Erratic behavior should be expected.