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Help Wanted: LeBron James Notices Big Difference In Playing Power Forward

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Help Wanted: LeBron James Notices Big Difference In Playing Power Forward

He just won his third MVP award but a lot of opinions of LeBron James have remained the same. As nice as his numbers say he is, there’s something missing.

He’s a highlight waiting to happen throughout the game but he changes in cruch time and he’s it’s probably going to change even more that he has to play more power forward.

The player who’s been praised as being able to play four different positions on the court may not be up to the challenge with Chris Bosh sidelined:

ESPN: “It’s a lot more taxing being in there with bigger guys,” [Defense] ”is the biggest difference. When you’re on the perimeter, there’s more space. The interior is more cramped and physical.”

“Forty minutes in the playoffs is different than 40 minutes in the regular season,” James said, according to the newspaper. “Intensity is raised. The grind is much more intense. Hopefully, I can get a few minutes here and there.”

Unfortunately for James, Heat head coach Erick Spoelstra isn’t about to take his MVP off the court for any extra rest.

Is anyone else confused as to why LeBron would be asking for more rest during the playoffs? Who’s going to come in for you LeBron… Joel Anthony? Juwan Howard!?

Not only does this man shrink late in games and at the free throw line, but he’s petitioning for more rest through the media now.

And this is who we want to compare to…. you know what, I’m not even going to disgrace his name like that.