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Hey Knicks Fans: You Guys Do Realize Lin MAY NOT Be A Knick Next Season…Right??

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Hey Knicks Fans: You Guys Do Realize Lin MAY NOT Be A Knick Next Season…Right??

I actually have two questions for you Knicks fans. First, why would you guys willingly put yourselves through the misery of ACTUALLY being a Knicks fan? (No answer huh? Yep, didn’t think so).

Second, why are you guys automatically assuming that your beloved PG Jeremy Lin is going to be returning to the Garden come next season? You guys do realize once this season is over he’s going to become a restricted “free agent”? Operative phrase being “free agent”, meaning he can sign somewhere anywhere and go play for someone else.

I can already hear some moronic NY’er shouting “He’s DEFINTITELY COMING BACK TO NYC!”. Too bad they’d sadly be mistaken. Just ask Lin’s agent Roger Montgomery who recently threw in his two cents in regards to his star client’s potential return to the Big Apple.

“I know history shows most restricted free agents go back to their team, but I’m not going to assume anything. We’re waiting to see what happens.” – Source

Montgomery’s statements are a stark contrast to those of Knicks head coach Mike Woodson who earlier this month  stated that Lin would “absolutely be returning”.

Apparently, Lin never got that memo seeing as the day after the Knicks’ season-ending loss to Miami in the playoffs he made the following comments:

“There’s always going to be uncertainty until the final contract is signed, so definitely nothing is set in stone,” Lin said. “Nothing’s set in stone until it’s really written.”

Translation: “Pay me my effin money or I’ll find someone who WILL.”

LOL….silly Knicks fans.