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Is Gabrielle Union Pregnant With Dwyane Wade’s Baby?

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Is Gabrielle Union Pregnant With Dwyane Wade’s Baby?

Hold your horses, the actress is not pregnant with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s baby. She’s not pregnant at all as a matter of fact. Someone probably saw the beautiful Gabrielle Union her after she tore up some steak or something and started the rumor, which she has since denied.

“No, I am not pregnant and please let the world know I will only be pregnant after I am married, and that will be years from now. I want to play roles that let me wear a bikini and run around like a badass! LOL It’s kinda hard to do all that with a baby bump!”

“When erroneous reports of pregnancy pop up for different actors or artists, that can stop us from getting work…it’s hard enough in this recession trying to find a job without our own people putting up unnecessary roadbloacks for us to feed our families.”

So D-Wade doesn’t have to worry about any potential child support for another child just yet. She did mention that she won’t be popping out any babies until she’s married so does that mean she wants to jump the broom with Wade?

For some reason(D-Wade’s crazy ex-wife), I don’t think he’s too anxious to walk down the aisle anytime soon.