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Kobe Bryant On Derek Fisher: “I’m Going To Demolish Him”

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Kobe Bryant On Derek Fisher: “I’m Going To Demolish Him”

Even with 5 championships together, Kobe Bryant plans on holding nothing against the OKC Thunder and their new back-up point, Derek Fisher. That goes for next week during their match-up on TNT and beyond.

There’s no bad blood there, just the competitive drive that made these two good friends since 1996 when they were both rookies in Los Angeles.

ESPN: “Look, we don’t get five championships by being sympathetic towards each other and kissing each other’s [a--] during the game,” Bryant said Wednesday when asked about the Lakers’ game against the Thunder next week. “I’m going to demolish him. He understands that. If he switches off on me in the post, there’s going to be problems. I’m sure he’ll put an elbow right in my back, and that’s why we love each other.”

The Lakers traded Fisher away at the trading deadline and no more than a week later he’s signed on with a young Thunder team looking to win a championship.

This could mean a more interesting Western Conference Finals between these teams, if they make it that far, with Fisher and Bryant both looking to add ring #6 to their collection, but as opponents and not trusted teammates.