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Lamar Odom Returns To Mavs & Apologizes For His Absence From The Team

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Lamar Odom Returns To Mavs & Apologizes For His Absence From The Team

Lamar Odom finally rejoined his Dallas Mavericks teammates for a game against the Utah Jazz over the weekend, but he didn’t reveal the issue that kept him away from the team for a few games.

Nonetheless, his teammates and coaches were glad to have him back and he was glad to be back:

“It was really personal and it was something I had to tend to. Mark Cuban’s a great owner for understanding. There are times when we have to fix what is going on off the basketball court in order to fix what’s going on on the court.”

“It felt good to be back, playing basketball, doing what I’m so blessed to have done for so long,” Odom said after the game. “I just told (teammates) to stick with me, and that at this point in time in my life I need them.”

His head coach, Rick Carlisle claims LO’s return was the best he’s seen him play with the team:

“This is by far the most energy he’s played with the entire year and I don’t think it’s close,” Carlisle said. “And I would defy anybody to go against that statement. It’s just clear we need this from him every night. If he can bring this, if he can bring that kind of energy and engagement, it’s going to lift our team to a different level.” -Source

Lamar is definitely more talented than he’s shown this season but he seems to still be recovering from the shock of his original trade from the L.A. Lakers and if that’s the case, can you really blame him?

From Hollywood to Dallas, Texas? I’m sure life with Khloe just isn’t the same.