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Mark Cuban Thinks NBA Players Playing In Olympic Games Is The “Epitome Of Stupidity”

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Mark Cuban Thinks NBA Players Playing In Olympic  Games Is The “Epitome Of Stupidity”

Dirk Nowtizki of the Dallas Mavericks is currently sitting out games because of a fatigued knee and Mark Cuban places much of the blame on the fact that he participated in the European Championship games for his native country Germany this past summer.

This isn’t something Nowitzki just started doing last summer but the circumstances were different this time around. The Mavericks made it all the way to the NBA Finals in June, and won,  so that didn’t leave much time for Dirk to rest before he joined his national team.

Now he’s missing games to regain some conditioning but he’s still slated to compete in next summer’s Olympic Games in London.

That doesn’t sit well with Cuban who is always observing from the edge of his seat hoping his best player does not get hurt and he’s upset about it.

“It’s just the epitome of stupidity that we would allow ourselves to be used so other corporations” — as Cuban calls the Olympics — “can make tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars,” Cuban said.

“There’s some guys sitting at the Olympic headquarters going, ‘Those dumb-asses, we’re taking all their best guys for nothing.’ “

“The commissioner’s office won’t open it up to discussion. They just make a unilateral call,” Cuban said Monday. “They’ll take calls about it, but won’t put it up for a vote. Hopefully, I can get him to move it to a vote at some point.” -Source

Cuban’s point is well taken and obviously if it was up to him, he’d want Dirk to put his national team commitments on the back burner but that’s up to the player. At this point in his career, he 34 years old and it takes older players longer to get their bodies right for an NBA season but unfortunately more Cuban, he can’t do anything about it right now.