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On The Outs: Percy Harvin’s Temper Has Him On The Trade Block

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On The Outs: Percy Harvin’s Temper Has Him On The Trade Block

Less than 6 months ago, Percy Harvin’s name was floated out there as an MVP candidate for the Minnesota Vikings. Now, in another 6 months it’s likely that he will no longer be a member of the Vikings and it’s not because Adrian Peterson proved he could carry their offense all on his own.

Apparently, even with the talent he posses people like Vikings GM Rick Spielman would rather not deal (and pay) a player with Harvin’s temperament. According to NFL.com, the possibility of the Vikings trading Percy is as real as AD’s MVP award.

Percy Harvin is mysteriously missing from the Minnesota Vikings’ 2013 promotional season ticket poster. Pressed about the talented but volatile receiver’s future with the team entering a contract season, general manager Rick Spielman recently played it coy while hinting that there are aspects of the receiver’s behavior that aren’t easy to love.

Sources tell Mike Max of WCCO in Minneapolis that Spielman will indeed actively pursue a Harvin trade on the heels of a November meltdown directed at head coach Leslie Frazier. The incident happened in front of teammates, who didn’t take well to Harvin’s tirade just a couple of years after a similar blowup directed at former coach Brad Childress. It was also believed to be the real reason that Harvin was unexpectedly placed on injured reserve with an ankle ailment that didn’t require surgery.

Percy is so talented that I’m sure fans don’t mind his attitude from time to time but they’re not the ones dealing with him everyday. As much of a headache he may be, if he’s traded to another team they’ll probably get a hell of a player who may or may not clean up his act as a result of a change of scenery.