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One NBA Player Believes The Portland Trail Blazers Might Be Cursed

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One NBA Player Believes The Portland Trail Blazers Might Be Cursed

What can you say about the Portland Trail Blazers?  They were supposed to be one of the young and upcoming teams that would take the league by storm, you know much like the Oklahoma City Thunder. But with the way things look right now it seems as if the Blazers are going backwards starting with the front office not having a GM for much of the season and also the termination of their former coach Nate McMillian.

Every year since acquiring center Greg Oden, Portland has seen their players go down left and right due to injuries. Especially their former All-Star guard Brandon Roy who was forced into retirement due to injury. (Sigh).

There could only be one explanation for all these ailments…. they have to be cursed. At least that is what  former Blazers center Marcus Camby believes.

Q: You know those of us in the media throw around words like “curse.” But what about the players on that team? In the Blazers’ locker room, are guys asking: What next?

A: They might not want to admit it, but when I was there, my goodness, people were saying, “Are we really snake-bit? Are we really cursed?” Doubts and talks like that came about. Everybody just tried to brush it to one side and remain positive, but it was hard to escape because everybody was talking about it. It’s hard to argue when it keeps happening year after year after year.-Source

There is still hope that this team can soon be contenders in the West again, but drastic improvements need to be addressed this upcoming off season beginning with their training staff. Major changes need to be made…. and fast!