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Reggie Bush Knows He’s Not Worthy Of His Contract

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Reggie Bush Knows He’s Not Worthy Of His Contract

Well, at least he knows. Reggie Bush was paid  about $8 million dollars this past season and many people felt that was too much for a player of his caliber. Then he got injured and only played in 8 games which made his contract that much more excessive. Bush was the #2 pick in 2006, but he’s been more of a glorified role player since entering the NFL.

Next season, he’s supposed to make over $11 million dollars, and even he knows he’ll have to restructure his deal to stay with the New Orleans Saints.

“I’m open to whatever is going to help me stay here,” Bush said.  “Obviously, with that said, you have to be fair to yourself.  You have to be fair to whatever the market sets.  I’m not stupid or dumb.  I know that obviously there’s going to have to be some type of restructuring going on here.  With that said, you’ve just got to kind of hash it out as best as you can.  Negotiations, things can go a million different ways.

“My No. 1 goal is to be back here, be a New Orleans Saint and hopefully be able to play my career out here.” -PFT

Last season, he wasn’t willing to restructure his deal and the Saints ended up biting the bullet. After coming up with less than 400 total offensive yards in 8 games, he doesn’t have a platform to even begin to argue on now.

Reggie’s been a below average running back, a pretty good receiver out of the backfield, and a below average return specialist(except for 2008) so his next contract will be drastically lower than the one he signed coming out of USC. Point blank, he’s been a bust and he probably knows that better than anyone.