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Someone Hacks Into Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter Account

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Someone Hacks Into Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter Account

According to what Chad Ochocinco‘s Twitter page, someone hacked into his Twitter account on Tuesday, and they sent out some not so nice tweets about the NFL and their new rules.

Here’s what the “hacker” tweeted:

“Man i can not believe they fined James Harrison again, what in the world is going on?”

“OCNNBreakingNews Due to the many rule changes there has also been a name change, NFL no longer, NFFL = National Flag Football League”

And then when Chad “realized” that his account was hacked, here later tweeted this:

“Can someone erase my last tweet please, i have a strange feeling i am gonna get ______i dont even want to say the word :(

“Someone hacked my account talking about the NFL and it’s rules, man the hackers these days are good, geesh”

If Ochocinco’s account was hacked or not, this was a good way for him to avoid getting fined again, but just to make sure that EVERYONE that matters knows the full story. His next tweet was sent to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell.

“@nflcommish Dad my account was hacked for a matter of 5 minutes while i was cooking,just giving you a heads up,u raised me better than that”

It seems like Mad Chad is finally tired of getting fined by the NFL, so what does he do? He tries to clean up his or the “hacker”s” dirty tracks by sucking up to the commish of the NFL, smooth move Chad. Haha..