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ESPN & The NBA Have Already Sent Dwight Howard Packing To New Jersey

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ESPN & The NBA Have Already Sent Dwight Howard Packing To New Jersey

On Tuesday (March 13), the Orlando Magic defeated the Miami Heat 104-98, and in that game, All-Star Dwight Howard had yet another monster game.

In his “final” home game in Orlando, Howard had his 8th 20-20 game this season (24 points and 25 rebounds). I’m pretty sure by now you’re asking yourself, “Did Dwight Howard get traded?” no he didn’t, but according to ESPN and the NBA, he soon will be.

This is what Peter Bergman tweeted after making the discovery on ESPN Mobile app during the Magic/Heat game:

We all know ESPN’s NBA insiders get the scoop before most do, but this is out of control. How does something like this even happen?

Well, it’s pretty obvious where “The World Wide Leader in Sports” would like Dwight to go. Now, the question is, will he end with the New Jersey Nets before the trading deadline comes and goes?

Click here to also view the screenshot of the full NBA.com page view of the Nets t-shirt with Howard’s name on the back.

The NBA has since taken down the page, but the damage had already been done. This was a straight Randy Orton RKO to Magic and Nets fans everywher. Well done NBA. Well done