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Source: Michael Jordan Is On The Verge Of Selling The Lowly Bobcats

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Source: Michael Jordan Is On The Verge Of Selling The Lowly Bobcats

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest winners in basketball history, is nearing his limit as far as losing goes. He hasn’t been able to bring his winning touch to one of the worst teams in the NBA and if his newest hire doesn’t help turn that around, he’s ditching the Charlotte Bobcats according to a report.

NYDailynews: ”I told Rich to make us better,” the Daily News reports Jordan telling a team associate. “If that doesn’t work and I can’t make a profit in the next three to four years, then I’m selling.”

The ‘Rich’ is the Bobcats GM Rich Cho who has the daunting task of turning a team of bench players into a respectable NBA team.

Jordan has been losing money ever since he took a chance on the Bobcats and he’s tired of losing games and money but he’s not neccessarily ready to sell the team like the New York Daily News reports.

Here’s a statement from MJ regarding that report and quote:

“I was disturbed to hear the false report that I intend to sell my majority interest in the Charlotte Bobcats,” Jordan said in a statement. “I am 100 percent committed to building the Bobcats into a contender and have no plans to sell the team.” -Source

Either way, MJ better hope Kemba Walker turns into an All-Star real quick because otherwise he can add the Bobcats to his short list of failures in the sport of basketball whether he intends to sell or not.