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The Bulls Immortalize Scottie Pippen With A Bronze Bust At United Center

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The Bulls Immortalize Scottie Pippen With A Bronze Bust At United Center

During halftime of  the Boston Celtics-Chicago Bulls game in Chicago on April 7th, the Bulls organization honored Scottie Pippen with a bronze bust at the United Center.

Pippen helped lead the Bulls to 6 championship seasons in the 90′s alongside another Bulls legend, and was named one of the 50 greatest players of all time in 1996.

The bronze bust, which was sculpted by the same artist who worked on Michael Jordan’s statue outside of the arena, will be located in the arena concourse.

Here’s what Pippen had to say about the tremendous honor:

“It truly ranks among the top. I spent my career, my heart, my life, and the blood, the tears that I shedded for this organization and for this team. This is truly where my heart is and this here truly ranks among all the accolades that I’ve ever achieved. As an individual, I’ve never tried to go out and do anything outside of the team. This is truly an honor, a gift, I was not expecting.”

“You never think about these [things] as a player,” he said. “Even after my career is over, this never comes into mind. This is something that is truly done from the hearts and souls from the organization. I’m just honored that I was able to receive such an accolade. … It’s great. You just want to be remembered as a player. And hopefully you’ve given something to the game; probably not as much as the game has given me, but it’s given me an opportunity to leave my legacy in a place where I call home.”

Here’s Pippen pictured with his family alongside his new bust.