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The Curious Case Of Andrew Bynum: The 76ers All-Star Center Is Out Indefinitely

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The Curious Case Of Andrew Bynum: The 76ers All-Star Center Is Out Indefinitely

Last season, Andrew Bynum made his first All-Star team as the starting center for the Western Conference All-Star team while playing for the star-studded Los Angeles Lakers. He was set to enter a contract year and planned on going to Germany to have a procedure similar to the ones Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez had done on their ailing knees in the previous summers.

Some thought the league’s next great center was being born but 9 months later he’s still waiting to make his debut with his new team, the Philadelphia 76ers, after the Lakers traded Bynum and his frustrating knees away. Unfortunately for Bynum and the rest of Philly, his knees are still a problem despite missing just 6 games last season and his head hasn’t helped matters either.

Apparently, Bynum was bowling when he injured himself further prompting 76ers GM Tony DiLeo to make these statements.

ESPN: “Bottom line is Andrew is out indefinitely. There are no timelines; we just have to wait and see how he reacts.”

“His knees now and the MRIs are not the same; it’s a different type (of) situation,” DiLeo said. “At the time of the trade, we had four doctors look at his MRI; we knew it was a calculated risk. We also knew we were getting the second-best center in the league, a franchise-type player. We took that risk.”

It doesn’t seem as if Bynum is completely focused on getting his knees right and that’s confusing considering he’s a first time All-Star in a contract year.

He’s no Greg Oden, but Andrew Bynum is facing a potentially similar ending to his career if his luck, and thought process, doesn’t change soon. Until then, he can just hope and pray he can get out of his own way.