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The NFL Drops Bombs On The New Orleans Saints After Bounty Controversy

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The NFL Drops Bombs On The New Orleans Saints After Bounty Controversy

Ever since he became commisoner of the NFL, one thing for sure is that Roger Goodell is all about the business of football.

That means protecting players, even from themselves and coaches, protecting the overall product, and protecting the image and the shield of the NFL.

Anyone or anything done to harm the game, the product, or the players has been, and will continue to be, met with the punishment he sees fit and the New Orleans Saints are the latest to feel his wrath:

ESPN: Saints coach Sean Payton has been suspended for one year, former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely, general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended for the first eight regular-season games, the team was fined $500,000 and lost two second-round draft picks (one in 2012 and ’13) as a result of a bounty program conducted by the team during the 2009-11 seasons that targeted opposing players.

Saints assistant coach Joe Vitt also was suspended six games and fined $100,000. The NFL said in its statement that the suspensions for Payton, Loomis and Vitt are without pay.

Payton’s suspension is effective April 1. Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with Williams after the 2012 season and determine the coach’s status.

The St. Louis Rams will also be hurt by Goodell’s punishment since Greg Williams was hired as their defensive coordinator this season. Now they must find a replacement.

This punishment did not come without a statement from Goodell. Here it is:

“We are all accountable and responsible for player health and safety and the integrity of the game,” Goodell said in a statement announcing the punishments. “We will not tolerate conduct or a culture that undermines those priorities. No one is above the game or the rules that govern it. Respect for the game and the people who participate in it will not be compromised.

“A combination of elements made this matter particularly unusual and egregious,” Goodell said. “When there is targeting of players for injury and cash rewards over a three-year period, the involvement of the coaching staff, and three years of denials and willful disrespect of the rules, a strong and lasting message must be sent that such conduct is totally unacceptable and has no place in the game.”

In other words… #POW!

There a some defensive players who can probably expect some fines or at least suspensions to come their way as well. I’m sure they’re not looking forward to their doomsday.