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Titans Owner Bud Adam Still Undecided On Jeff Fisher’s Future

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Titans Owner Bud Adam Still Undecided On Jeff Fisher’s Future

The Tennessee Titans failed to make the playoffs for the second straight year this season, and with the Jeff Fisher/Vince Young situation still unsettled, Bud Adams still hasn’t decided on whether or not he’s keeping Jeff Fisher on board. He’s already stated that both are under contract and that they need to work things out, but apparently things have changed.

“I met for several hours today with Steve Underwood and Mike Reinfeldt about our organization and where we go from here. I will continue to review all aspects of what we do as a football team, including the coaching staff and other decisions that are in front of us.

“There are several things that need to be considered in this evaluation process, including Jeff’s (Fisher) history with our team, the labor situation and other challenges. I have been at this for a long time, and these decisions take time and thoughtful consideration.  I will make the decisions that I feel are in the best interest of the team. I do understand the time element involved and would expect to make these decisions in the near future.

“In the meantime, I will continue to be in contact with Jeff and the senior staff for any additional information that I may need.” -Titans Chronicle

Bud Adams’ original plan was to keep both Fisher and Young on board for next season but that was before the Titans ended the season losing 8 of their last 9 games. Maybe the fact that Fisher has preferred Kerry Collins over VY has the organization questioning his judgment, I know I am.

As a Titans fan, I cringe whenever Collins throws the ball. They call him a “veteran QB” who has tons of experience, but in my humble opinion, he’s the definition of mediocrity. Fisher likes him, but he’s got to go!

As for Fisher, he and Young had a falling out and part of the reason he may be on his way out of Tennessee. Fisher is the only coach I’ve known as a Titans fan. If they can make it work, great. If they can’t, oh well. Sometimes, change is good and necessary.