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Top 5 Reasons Kobe Bryant Has The Most To Lose During The NBA Lockout

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Top 5 Reasons Kobe Bryant Has The Most To Lose During The NBA Lockout

No player in the NBA today has accomplished more than Kobe Bryant, yet he still stands as the person with the most to lose from lost games and/or a lost NBA season due to the NBA lockout.

It’s the NBA’s owners blocking Kobe’s pursuit of another championship among other things but don’t think for a second that Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss is one of those owners pushing for this extended lockout. With Kobe on his roster, he’s losing right along with his superstar player.

The Black Mamba has done enough to call it a Hall of Fame career and ride off into the sunset, but he’s not about to leave the game while he can still get it done in #Kobequarter (the 4th quarter if you’re not in the loop). You know he wants more, and here are the top 5 things this NBA lockout is keeping Kobe from accomplishing.


5. Ring #6

This has to be the most obvious. Kobe’s sitting pretty with 5 NBA championships on his resume with a few more years to add to that total. With one more ring, Kobe ties the almighty Michael Jordan at 6 and makes those “Who’s better?” conversations that much more interesting.

Not to mention, ring #6 would mean he’s one away from topping MJ in that category which turns that conversation upside down. It would also separate him from Magic Johnson and further cement his legacy as the best player on arguably the best franchise in basketball and sports in general.

4. Passing Shaquille O’Neal In All-Time Scoring

Shaquille O’Neal recently retired with 28,596 points to his name which is good enough for 5th all-time. Kobe sits at 6th all-time with 27,868 points, less than 750 points away from passing his former teammate and you know he can’t wait to do that.

We all know what kind of scorer he is, and we also know how much he loves passing Shaq in the record books.

There was a reason Kobe and Shaq didn’t get along in L.A.– both men wanted to be top dog. With no NBA season, he would have to wait to further prove that he wasn’t crazy for thinking he could carry the load just like Shaq was able to.


3. Chance To Win Without Phil Jackson

For a while during his NBA career, he had to listen to people talk about how he couldn’t win without Shaq. Now there’s another big-time figure who’s left Kobe in L.A. all by himself.

With Phil Jackson off practicing Zen in the woods somewhere, now Kobe’s got another challenge to motivate him– win without PJ. A lot of people will point to Jackson as the main reason behind his 5 rings, but now that he’s gone Kobe’s got a shot to prove himself again but not if this lockout drags on.


2. He’s 33

This one is simple. At 33-years old, the clock on Kobe’s career is ticking. He doesn’t have many more years to add to his legacy, his points, his rings, and his game-winning shots. He’s played in the league for 15 years and if he’s motivated enough to play 5 more years then that’ll take him to 38-years old.

With players like Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, & Carmelo Anthony entering or playing in their prime, it’ll get harder for his Lakers to compete with these teams as he losses a step. Now is the time to win for Kobe while he’s still got flashes of greatness left.


1. $25.2 Million Dollars

Nobody had more money coming their way this season than Kobe Bryant. That $84 million dollar extension he signed last year meant he had $25 million plus coming his way but he’s already lost some of that lump sum.

He gets over $2 million dollars per paycheck so he’s already lost $6 million dollars since games have been cancelled through 12/15.

It’s no wonder Kobe was one of the players willing to accept the owner’s last proposal.

He’s got rings to win, points to score, people to prove wrong (again), he’s got father time on his way to his front door with navigation, and money he’s more than earned is disappearing every two weeks.

Someone tell David Stern that the fans want these games being played and his biggest star does too. He should be doing his best to keep both of them happy.