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Wade Not Scared Of Celtics Seeking Retribution Against Him For Rondo Injury

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Wade Not Scared Of Celtics Seeking Retribution Against Him For Rondo Injury

Everyone knew that this Heat/Celtics series was going to be a dog fight because you simply have two teams who do not like each other playing with a lot of emotion and intensity on the court.

During this past Saturday’s Game 3 matchup in Boston, Heat star Dwayne Wade got tangled up with Celtics guard Rajon Rondo which led to an unpleasant ending for Rondo as he came down awkwardly on his elbow.

Check out the video below to see how Rondo’s injury came about:

That did not sit well with many of the Celtics players including Kevin Garnett who has publicly stated that he will be seeking “retribution” during  Monday’s Game 4 matchup.

Here’s what D-Wade had to say about the whole situation:

“It’s basketball. Keep them back from what? Are they going to beat me up? For what?” Wade said after the Heat’s practice on Sunday. “Did anyone watch the replay? Obviously I watched it. I’m done, I’ve moved on from that.” Source

Rondo’s availability for Game 4 is still uncertain but his teammates are very optimistic that he will play.

As for Wade he has been the enforcer for his team but the idea that there is a  possibility that the other team might take a cheap shot at him may affect his game so it is up to LeBron James and/or Chris Bosh to step up.

Hopefully they do.