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Warren Sapp Reveals He Declared Bankruptcy To Avoid Jail Time

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Warren Sapp Reveals He Declared Bankruptcy To Avoid Jail Time

Warren Sapp didn’t necessarily blow his money on stupid, pointless expenditures, but whenever someone ends up 6+ million dollars in debt, bad decisions were made.

Not too long ago, Sapp filed for bankruptcy on the heels on news that his child support payments were piling up but where Sapp went wrong was a real estate deal gone sour.

Due to his real estate debt he went nearly a year without getting paid by the NFL Network because those wages were garnished. During a call-in interview with the Tampa Bay Times, here’s what he had to say:

“You tell me what to do,” Sapp said. “Do you keep working without a check? If you don’t pay your child support, you go to jail. This wasn’t something I wanted to do. This was something I had to do.”

“Do you think I wanted to declare bankruptcy?” Sapp said. “Do you think if there was any other way possible I would have done it? It was either this or go to jail. Those were my choices.”

Sapp also went into detail about the championship rings he claims he lost, which seems unlikely but that’s his story and he’s stinking to it:

“Is it so unbelievable that I misplaced my ring?” said Sapp, a first-round pick out of Miami in 1995. “I wore it for 365 days, and we had a 7-9 season (in Tampa Bay in 2003) and I went to Oakland and I took it off. You never saw me with it anywhere. The only time I brought it out was when the NFL Network wanted us to wear it.

“We were at the Super Bowl, and I thought I handed it to someone, and he said I didn’t. I checked my luggage to see if it was in a side pocket. I checked my suit to see if I put it somewhere. What was I going to do? Yell and scream because I lost a ring? That ring didn’t make me a champion. Derrick Brooks, Simeon Rice, Ronde Barber, Brian Kelly, Dwight Smith. That crew made me a champion.