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Welcome To The Har-Bowl: Super Bowl XLVII Will Be An Rough, Emotional, Family Affair

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Welcome To The Har-Bowl: Super Bowl XLVII Will Be An Rough, Emotional, Family Affair

The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are the two representatives who will face-off in Super Bowl XLVII to determine whether or not Ray Lewis goes out on top or if a new age style quarterback like Colin Kaepernick can win the big game. Other than that, there’s the civil battle between Jim and John Harbaugh who coach up their run first, defensive-minded teams to keep you interested.

This brother’s duel, or this “Har-Bowl” has the potential to be the most intriguing game of the postseason for so many more reasons.


The match-ups between Patrick Willis and his defense indirectly competing with Ray Lewis and his defensive unit

will be fun to watch, the running back battle between Ray Rice and Frank Gore will be pivotal, but the most important will probably be Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick.

No players will have more on their shoulders than the quarterbacks. There’s a ton of blame to fall on the loser’s head and a new level of notoriety and spoils waiting for the victor. Flacco tried to insert himself into the conversation about the elite quarterbacks last season and can back it up in this game like he can’t in any other. Kaepernick has the ability to put on a performance with his arm and legs that Super Bowl viewers have never seen.


A lot of what they do however will depend on be defenses. The 49ers have the All-Pro and Pro Bowlers but the Ravens defense has risen to the occasion throughout the postseason, especially against Tom Brady and the Patriots potent offense whom they held to 13 points.

A Ravens win, which is what happened when these two teams met on Thanksgiving in 2011, would be what I believe to be the best storyline considering it’s Ray’s final game in an amazing career. If anyone deserves to go out on top it’s Ray Lewis but if it doesn’t turn out that way there will still be a Hall of Famer going home with a championship; Randy Moss.

Moss has played in one Super Bowl and that was with the New England Patriots into 2007 after an 18-0 run that was ended by the New York Giants.

These are just some of the stories leading up to this game so stay tuned because there’s a lot more to come over these next two weeks.