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Where The Groupies At: Is This All-Star Weekend Or Valentine’s Day?

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Where The Groupies At: Is This All-Star Weekend Or Valentine’s Day?

Successful groupies, side-chicks, and aspiring baby mothers’ know that NBA All Star Weekend is the  proverbial “busy season” for the highly lucrative jumpoff industry.

If  you’re a pretty face with a slim waist trying to make a quick come up and snag yourself some of that highly coveted NBA “man batter”, then L.A., the site of this year’s All-Star festivities, is where you need to be.

Unfortunately for this year’s jumpoffs, the wives and girlfriends of these superstars have received the memo about the man batter crazed groupies, and decided to tag along with their NBA counterparts to Los Angeles to ensure that their men don’t give any away.

Checkout a few flicks of various NBA superstars spotted with their wardens women while out in L.A. during All-Star Weekend 2011.

Here’s Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa after the couple attended Kobe’s hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s theater early Saturday afternoon. (After that whole Colorado incident you know she wasn’t letting no groupie get in between her man’s pants this time around).

You know she had to kiss her man in public so “those other bitches” know who he’s hear with.

Here’s Lebron James and his baby mother Savannah Brinson at the After School All State Heroes Salute Launch Party on Friday night. Savannah knows that Bron Bron and that max contract of his makes him the prime candidate for all these semen guzzling hoochies currently on the prowl. She’s not letting him out of her sights for ONE SECOND!

Technically, Teyana Taylor isn’t even with Milwaukee Bucks standout Brandon Jennings anymore, but yet she STILL made sure she flew her ass out to L.A. to make sure nobody messes with her investment. Let’s face it, that ailing music career of hers isn’t looking too promising so she’s making sure that she can always come back to her bread winner. Way to plan ahead.

On Friday night Shaquille O’Neal and his girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander ( Flavor Of Love Season 1) were spotted at the Barcadi Gold VIP Cocktail reception kick off party. (The fact that Shaq wifed up Flavar Flav’s leftovers speaks volumes for itself). Gotta give it to this hoochie though, she made sure she snatched up some of that multi-million dollar man batter. Can’t knock the hustle.

Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets and his groupie-turned girlfriend, Kim Kardashian ,were spotted at Kevin Hart’sLaugh At My Pain” after party on Friday night.

Kris is a seven year veteran who should of known better. How are you going to allow your groupie (who you turned into your girlfriend) tag along and try and check other groupies? Kim is a whore that’s been passed around by more ballers than a basketball, but yet you still wife it..and claim her in public? SMH young Jedi. You really need to learn the sacred art of  ”hit…and quit”.  Especially when dealing with whores…..like Kim.

Smh…sucka for love.